Friday, June 12

The Moffats

I heard a lot of their songs when I was young. I actually just new that they were the ones who sang those songs that I loved last year.... Hahahahaha!

And these are those songs:

If life is so short

I'll be there for you

Girl of my dreams

Miss you like crazy

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Monday, May 25

post + cute emoticons :)

Hmmm...... my posts look dull... so I think it's time to add some emoticons... Oh yeah! I hope I'd really be consistent on posting with emoticons... because the copy-pasting of codes makes me feel a bit lazy.... hee hee hee hee

bye bye and goodnight!

Type your smileys the Korean way (^_^)

Expressing emotion:

(^_^) = smile

(^o^) = laughing out loud

d(^_^)b = thumbs up (not ears)

(T_T) = sad (it's a crying face)

(-.-)Zzz = sleeping

(Z.Z) = sleepy person

\(^_^)/ = cheers, hurrah

(*^^*) = shyness

(-_-); = sweating (as in ashamed)

(^_^);; = sorry! my mistake

(?_?) = nonsense, i don't know

(^_~) = wink

(o.O) = surprise

v(^_^)v = victory

(>^_^)> = hugging

(>^_^)> <(^_^<) = hugging each other (^o^)


>))))'> = a fish

>))))'><'((((< = kissing fish (^o^)

<')++++< = a fish bone

Vm~ = a fox

() () = a rabbit

(^(oo)^) = a pig

(( )) = a bird

()()() ()()()
(-(-(-.-)-)-) = rabbit gang

= = = = :} = a snake

(=^_^=) = cat


@}-;--`-- = a rose

>(/////)< = a candy

=]::::::> = a sword

---E = a fork

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Thursday, May 21

Listen to Christian Bautista:

these are some of my Christian Bautista favorites :)

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though I passed the UPCAT, the I got a "degree with available slot" result......

I remember I tried to search the net about "degree with available slot"... I found answers... but not that well explained....

uhm...... I'm not saying that this post will explain this well... but I hope this does help....

This means that your grades are qualified for you to enter UP but then other takers has scored higher than you did, and you were not able to reach the quota.

You have to confirm your enrollment online (I'm sorry... i don't know where to find the link -but it's somewhere at because mom did this confirmation for me..... ) and you have to choose five courses..... You have to wait then until enrollment ends....... try to call the university registrar to find out what courses have available slots

but unfortunately, the course offered to me was Pharmacy..... which I don't think... suits me..... haaayyy

If only..... I was good at Chemistry.

I already got myself enrolled at the University of Santo Tomas to take BS Physical Therapy....... At first, I thought I made the wrong decision in taking Physical Therapy.... because I heard that most of hospitals only needs one physical therapist....... and that means it's going to be a tough competition by the time I try to get emlpoyed......... I got upset. Sana tinuloy ko nalang yung nursing sa UST.... kasi nakapasa naman ako...... at marami din gusto sana magnursing sa UST.... pasalamat nga ako nakapasa ako....... but wait. What were my reasons why I decided not to take nursing?

1. Too many people are taking nursing;
2. so by the time I graduate, there might no longer be jobs available for nurses...?
3. I don't like seeing blood and I don't like doing dissection(but a little is okay.....)

Then.... I knew that Physical Therapy students do more dissection
and will even dissect a cadaver on our third year. Hay........

??????! why am I discussing 'how confused KATrina is on what course to take'???

uhm because...... uhm because...... because I just wanted to share how I'm not really sure if I like this course I'm taking!!!!

I really wanted to take Pharmacy...... but I don't think I would not make because I'm not that good in Math and Chemistry......

and here comes more complication: University of the Philippines recently called up and told us that they'd be able to take me in as a BS Pharmacy student........ (I passed the UPCAT with a "Degree with available slots" remark.) My mother really wanted me to be able to get in UP. That's because we'd be saving a lot. Oh yes, A LOT. And duh! UP? who wouldn't want to get their college degree at UP? Knowing that it's one of the top schools in the Philippines.

I feel bad that I can't go UP.... since I won't fit for Pharmacy..... Augh. If only I was. Then I won't be worrying about anything now.... like being sure on what course to take.... mom being able to save........

If only..... I was good at Chemistry.

Wednesday, April 29


Mac, 4, came screaming out of the bathroom to tell me he'd dropped his toothbrush in the toilet. So his dad fished it out and threw it in the garbage.

Mac stood there thinking for a moment, then ran to his dad's bathroom and came out with his toothbrush.

He held it up and said with a charming little smile, "We better throw this one out too then, 'cause it fell in the toilet a few days ago."

~eeeewwww! hihihi


A Sunday school teacher asked the children just before she dismissed them to go to church, “And why is it necessary to be quiet in church?”

Annie replied, “Because people are sleeping.” ;)

Sunday, April 26

does work?

I'm a "I have to make sure" type of person......

so I tried sending a "test mail" and it makes me happy to know that it works because I already received the letter which I wrote and sent last January 24th..... :)

Oh yes. FutureMe works!

* lets you send letters to your friends or even yourself in the future! ;)

want to try it too?

---> :)

Saturday, April 25

A month away from college....

I'm only a month away from college, and I'm really really nervous. Hmmmm...... Nervous? Definitely. First, because of Zoology. Apparently, I have nine hours of zoology class every week; 4 hours on Monday, four hours on Wednesday, and an hour on Friday...... Zoology seems a lot of memorization to me. A lot. Next thing that scares me are my classmates-to be. For sure most of them will come from Manila... and... I come from the province...... I'm scared that I won't be able to keep up with them academically and socially..... Third is, Manila. It's very urban and a very urbanized place always comes packaged with bad people lurking everywhere. The most late dismissal I have on my sched is 7pm and this would be the first time I'd be coming home from school this late.

:(( I just really hope I could easily adjust with college life and survive.

Tuesday, April 14


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Sunday, April 12

if loving you was wrong,
then I
never want to be right again.

Tuesday, April 7

When he calls your name, no matter how same it is as everyone else
does, you just really like it.
don’t expect guys to know what you’re feeling unless you tell them straight up. That’s just the way it is. Somehow when the universe was created, guys were strangely skipped when God was handing out the sixth sense -

Saturday, April 4

I wish I could.....

hear your voice calling my name once again.....
hold your hands.....
talk to you all day.....
saunter with you.....
watch the stars with you.....
be able to find you again when my Math subject gets tough.....
see you smilimg at me......
be able to rest my head on your shoulders.....
let you see me crying and wait till you wipe my tears.....
feel the warmth of your hug.....
be able to gather courage to tell you how I really feel.....
hear you tell me: "I love you".....

and last,
I wish I could get out of this daydreaming right now.
Because it hurts me. It hurts to know that none of these things, just even one, could come true.....

Friday, April 3

songs I've been recently playing over and over:

If Life Is So Short - The Moffatts

Will You Wait For Me - Kavana

First Love - Utada Hikaru

why did You have to make my heart made up of involuntary muscles?

I really wish I could tell it when
to stop loving
to stop hurting.

BLOGTHINGS TEST: How are you in love?

You Are Trusting In Love

You fall in love quickly and easily. And very often.

You tend to give more than take in relationships.

You need your space and privacy. You don't like to be smothered.

You love your partner unconditionally and don't try to make them change.

You stay in love for a long time, even if you aren't loved back. When you fall, you fall hard.

ahhhhh so this is how I love...... or should I say: "would love?" -> hahahaha 'coz I'm not sure if it's love that I'm feeling right now.....

when you're bored...... visit BLOGTHINGS

whoa...... it's been a long time since my last post...... hahahaha I've been busy. Hmmm.... not really... just occupied the whole day thinking about "things" and crying over these "things"...... hahaha

I really felt bored today.... so I just visited again like what I usually do when I get bored since the day I found this site....

here are some of the nice tests that I took :

what's your personality type?
how rare is your personality?
three-question personality test
short personality test
what are the colors of your heart?
what's your name's hidden meaning?
how do you color your life?
old fashioned name generator
the outfit test
what street sign are you?
how are you in love?
why don't you have a boyfriend?
what's your friendship style?
the cupcake test
do men find you a challenge?
the ice cream personality test
what goddess are you?
the gem stone test

what gemstone are you?
what do people envy about you?

Tuesday, March 24

we had the right love at the wrong time.

too bad.

-baby can I hold you lyrics

Thursday, March 12

I dropped too many clues. Your heart is just closed that’s why you don’t even notice.
You are always gonna be my love

Itsuka dareka to mata koi ni ochitemo

even if I fall inlove with someone once again

I'll remember to love

You taught me how

You are always gonna be the one

Ima wa mada kanashii love song

it's still a sad love song

Atarashi uta utaeru made
until I can sing a new song

-First Love by Utada Hikaru lyrics

Wednesday, March 11

it would be a nice thing to know that HE (might be) is my first LOVE.

because it somewhat assures me that the feeling won’t die :D
Don't you know that I want
to be more that just your friend
Holding hands is fine
But I've got better things on my mind
You know it could happen
If you'd only see me in a different light
Baby when we fin'lly get together
You will see that I was right
Say you love me
You know that it could be nice
If you'd only say you love me
Don't treat me like I was ice
Please love me
I'll be yours and you'll be mine
If you'd only say you love me baby
Things would really work out fine

-say you love me lyrics

Monday, March 9

now that's SWEET.

One of my friends borrowed my mechanical pencil to do his drafting at home. Since I had two that time, I lent him the other one. So after he used it, he returned it back.

I was reviewing for finals, and my marker ran out of ink and decided just to use my pencil instead of wasting time of finding another one. I was playing with my pencil and I noticed that there was something inside of it because it sounded every time I shook it..... I removed that thing on the end of the pencil and tried to get rid whatever was in there. I got surprised since lead sticks (I don't how it's really called but I'm talking about the ones that you put in a mechanical pencil to be able to write) came out of it. I don't put lead sticks on my pencil..... I just refill it at home..... I wasn't sure at first if it was him because another classmate borrowed it after he did(and that's Jhoy). I asked him if he was the one who left the lead sticks. He said Yes. I asked him why. He told me that he won't be longer using those since he broke his mechanical pencil. (Hahahaha I know he has a point. But he could just buy a new one right?) I don't why, but I just find it sweet.

I don't know if he notices that
aside from my I.D. and necktie, it's the only one that I always put closest to my heart.

yeah. I always cling my pencil on my I.D. so I won't get it from my bag every now and then.

Sunday, March 8

Cheo Eum Bu Teo Ji Geum Kka Ji (Winter Sonata OST) english translation

From Beginning Till Now

I. I can no longer hide
My feelings for you
Hoping that I'll get the chance to hold you

II. I can no longer keep it secret
It only hurts me so
In my solitude, I'm longing for you

III. I don't need any treasure
All I want is your love
I cannot bear you being far away
Separated from me

IV. I hope that you are my destiny
Holding you each and every day
As long as my life is here
I'm willing to give it all to you

(Repeat II, III, IV)

V. True love feels so good
Like my love for you

(Repeat III, IV)

a post from:asianfanatics forum

Cheo Eum Bu Teo Ji Geum Kka Ji (Winter Sonata OST) romanized lyrics

romanization by: warghalv

Nege orsu obsur gorago ijen gurorsu obdago
jebal guman harago narur dalleji
jongmar ijoborigo shipho dashin borsu obdamyon
narur jabgo inun noui modungor
nega ugo shiphurte mada non narur uroborige mandunika
onugod hanado naui tudero non har su obge mandunungor
niga urgo shiphur te mada nan irohge munojyo borigo manika
amuri ijuryogo erursodo ijur su obge hanika

Jongmar ijoborigo shipho dashin borsu obdamyon
narur jabgo inun noui modungor
nega ugo shiphurte mada non narur uroborige mandunika
onugod hanado naui tudero non har su obge mandunungor
niga bogo shiphur te mada nan irohge munojyo borigo manika
amuri ijuryogo erursodo ijur su obge hanika

Dan hansaramur saranghanunge ithorog himdun irinjur nan jongmar mollasso

Nega ugo shiphurte mada non narur uroborige mandunika
onugod hanado naui tudero non har su obge mandunungor
niga bogo shiphur te mada nan irohge munojyo borigo manika
amuri ijuryogo erursodo ijur su obge hanik

download this song!
(download link from:

lyrics from:

Friday, March 6

This is how I sort the boys in my class:


Self-proclaimed "handsome" and think that they're the best pick a girl could have. They constantly have that feeling that a girl is trying to catch their attention and ask them straight in their faces: "Nagpapacute ka ba?". ANNOYING!!! FEELER!!!


Oh. You really have to stay away from these kind of guys. When they talk to girls, they'll put their face very close to the girl's face and try to sound very gentle and suave when talking........


These guys are really good in Math and Physics....... the "star" of "shoedowns... ;)" The type who deserves to be respected...... and the type who, you should be friendly with..... (in case you don't understand lessons) :D


Uhm...... I'm close to some boys. And most of them are not "straight"...... Yeah.... I find the gay faction of men more sociable to girls :D


This type of boy is very rare. He usually comes from "the GENIUS" group..... This type respects girls and is the real gentleman of the class.... He has a touch of sweetness in his personality and doesn't act aggressive to the girl he likes. :)

Thursday, March 5


I don't know if this is the right time,
and if I have to wait.
What I'm only sure of;
is that I like you.
And I don't when I'd stop to.
If it's destined to be "WE",
let it be.
We'll get there someday.
Just wait for me.


Tuesday, March 3

Airing for Boys Before Flowers gets delayed

I don't watch Boys Before Flowers.... (because our slow internet connection deprives me this online watching experience.... haayyy........) But a friend of mine is SO ATTACHED to it... that makes me think that it's a good drama to watch...... And since the Hallyu-stricken populace wants to get updated everything about Boys before flowers.... I think they ought to know this:

Murphy's Law struck for the cast and crew of Boys Before Flowers when lead actress Gu Hye-sun (Geum Jan-di) met with an accident on the 27th February -- yes it was the day of the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards. I guess this answers my question as to why Hye-sun did not attend the awards ceremony.

As a result, filming cannot continue and Episode 17 (which was to be aired on 02 March) was delayed.

The Accident

Goo Hye-sun was riding in her car returning from filming location to Seoul. Her car collided with a dump truck, causing her to slam into the seat in front of her. Although initially it was reported that she suffered no damaging injuries, it was later revealed that Hye-sun had to get stitches for a cut at her mouth. Plus the impact had caused swelling to her face and this would certainly hamper filming.

Lee Min-ho to the rescue

In an interview with Goo Hye-sun at the hospital on the 28th Feb, she revealed that her co-star Lee Min-ho (Gu Jun-pyo) was actually the first to arrive at the scene of the accident and promptly whisked her to the hospital for treatment. Ahhh....he's her real life hero too. ;-)

Hye-sun said:

“After the accident occurred, a van that looked a lot like Lee Min ho’s passed by. With my head ringing, I slightly remember thinking, ‘I wish that was Min ho’s car.’ As the car door opened, it turned out that it was really Min ho, and he began to run toward us. At that time he looked like the savior of the world. Had I gotten to the hospital any later, my recovery would have been later as well. I was so thankful.”

Gu Hye-sun watched the Baeksang Arts Awards on TV

Being injured and all, Gu Hye-sun couldn't join in the festivities and had to watch the Baeksang on television.

“I was shocked when I saw Lee Min Ho fall on the red carpet. I laughed without even knowing. I thought the stitches in my mouth had come undone(laughs)."

Hospital Visits

Her co-stars Lee Min-ho and Kim Hyun-joong -- the two who worked the closest with her in the drama came to visit after the Baeksang awards ceremony. How sweet! Later, Lee Min-ho went back to work filming the drama. Filming scenes that did not involve Hye-sun of course. Korean entertainers are a hard working bunch!

On March 01, all four of the F4 members visited Hye-sun.

Compensation: Special Episode

Production company Group Eight announced that a special will be aired on Monday (02 March), with Episode 17 on Tuesday. The special will feature F4 members showing behind-the-scene footages at filming locations as well as never-before-seen clips -- perhaps even some NGs!

Gu Hye-sun is expected to start filming again mid-week.

some credits to:
Don't love me like a flower that DIES on summer. But love me like a river that flows FOREVER.

Wooohooo! No more written exams for this school year!

Yes! Yes! Yes! We just finished all our written exams today..... Oohhh! It feels really good! But sad to say.... we still have oral exams...... We have to recite our school's vision-mission and sing the loyalty song........

And now...... we're just going to be busy practicing for graduation.......

Tuesday, February 24

LOVE is really just when you miss someone. It is something that touches and moves people.

-Moon Geun-young

Sunday, February 22

My friend Stephanie gave me this cute cellphone accessory ans told me that it reminded her of me (because they know I'm very enthusiastic about Korea...hahahaha!):

thanks Steph!!! :D
A girl asked a guy if he thought she was pretty,

He said…no.

She asked him if he would want to be with her forever….

and he said no.

She then asked him if she were to leave would he cry,

and once again he replied with a no.

She had heard enough.

As she walked away, tears streaming down her face

The boy grabbed her arm and said…

You’re not pretty you’re beautiful.

I don’t want to be with you forever.

I NEED to be with you forever.

And I wouldn’t cry if you walked away…I’d die…

Saturday, February 21

Trader Joe's Peppermint Tea

I think I'm starting to get addicted with tea..... and this Peppermint Tea started it..... I actually drank three cups of tea today.... hahaha

We don't drink coffee here at home........ But there's tea in the cupboard....... so I tried tasting it last night....

I add sugar to it. Hahaha weird. But it tastes good.... and the after feeling..... it feels cool..... of course because it's peppermint..... hee hee hee

Wednesday, February 18

Quidditch has an entry on Encarta Dictionary

So...... I was looking in the Encarta Dictionary for some words starting with Q....... (I just felt like learning new words..... hahahaha) and then..... I saw "Quidditch" on the list... I thought it meant something different aside from being "a game played with bludgers, a quaffle and the golden snitch with teams composed of chasers, keepers, beaters and the seeker." But I was surprised when I clicked on the word to look at the meaning...... Here I took a screenshot of it:

just click on the image for larger view....

Monday, February 16

Boxy little houses with peaked roofs, each with the same apple tree in front and the same reddish pricker bush, as the neighborhood children called them, at the side of the walk. It was, infamously, the town where children coming home from school went into the wrong house, indistinguishable by them from their own.


-lines from Living on Air (by Anna Shapiro)

Sunday, February 15

if you pass by, and I feel like cardiac arrested...... that's the time I'll be able to figure out.....

that I like you.

Saturday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I wish you had memorable dates! hee hee hee hee

And to all singles like me,

stay patient! God is still picking the best one for you! ;)

Friday, February 13

He broke the record.

One of my "guy" classmates then broke the record of my first dance. I would now finally won't leave the "who was your first dance?" question on slambooks blank.

For this school year, I won as the Supreme Student Council President. Since our school does not hold JS Proms...... I tried asking the administration to allow us to hold a Student's Night(it's the same with Promenades.... just a little different...). But my request was denied due to some reasons(which I will no longer discuss, because it's along story that starts about five to six years ago....)

So..... our teacher gave us the chance to have a mini Prom and experience the thrill of having a "first dance."

I really didn't realized it at once. If my classmate wouldn't have asked me if "he" was my first dance.... i might have not noticed it at all. I think it's because I don't know why he asked me to dance, knowing that he presently has a girlfriend. And another, there's no kilig feeling at all. It actually felt a bit awkward specially the feeling of his arms on my waist......eeeeeeeeee

Oh yeah, if you're wondering why we got to do these things; we're celebrating Teacher's day on school... and after the program we prepared for our teacher, we had our Valentine Program today since we won't be going to school tomorrow.

And if "you" accidentally stumble on this page,(but I think that's impossible....) thanks for the dance :D i forgot to tell you that a while ago....

Thursday, February 12

Oh happy day!

Oh yes!

Its a happy, lucky day! Our math teacher gave us boardwork... which was done by groups...... so.... there were five groups...... each group had to reach a score of 100 to get exempted in our Final exams...... each answer gives your group ten points..... and luckily... all groups reached 100 points! Our class is exempted!


Tuesday, February 10

The killer Friendster bulletin

You might have already been a victim of this kind of Friendster bulletin:

"Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

If you don't repost this your (whoever that is) will die!"

You know, there might only be me and you alive today if the bulletins in Friendster which usually end with "You're mom/dad/love (or whomever they want to kill....) will die if you don't repost this!" were true. Many children must have already been orphans and many husbands must have lost their wives or maybe most women are already widowers.....

Augh. I don't get it why they do that. Maybe they're just really IMMATURE.

Hmm..... what if that "someone" who the bulletin aimed to "kill" died in coincidence and I decided to sue the one who posted the bulletin to be responsible? and if my lawyer asks me for evidence I'll show that person's bulletin? and what if I end my Friendster bulletin next time with: "The humanity will die if you don't repost this!"?

Hahahaha! of course I won't! I'm not a part of Friendster's immature community!

Sunday, February 8

liking someone is like walking by the shore, footprints may last.... but only for a while, for the water will wash it away and welcome new footprints

Saturday, February 7

Benefits of Mineral makeup:

*It gives your skin a youthful "glow."

*It looks natural, not a heavy "made up look"

*It contains no oil, talc, perfume, dyes, alcohol or other comedogenic ingredients

*It is ideal for all skin types, all skin tones and women of all ages

*It covers imperfections perfectly, yet it allows skin to "breathe."

credit to:

Friday, February 6

Corner with Love

Corner with Love is another Romance-Comedy drama I'm watching....... Corner with loves stars Show Luo and Barbie Hsu...... And so far.... I like it! (it's actually a Taiwanese drama.... hahahaha! I' messing my consistency about liking Korean dramas better than other asian ones...... but this is one of non-Korean dramas that interests me) Thus proves that I enjoy Romance-Comedy genres. Hee hee hee

Plot Summary from Wikipedia:
Qin Lang (Show Luo) works in Shanghai as a cook and dreams of becoming an artist. His speciality is cooking Oyster Omelettes. Xin Lei (Barbie Hsu) is a rich, spoiled girl, about to marry Shang Dong (Chen Zhi Kai), a rich young man. Qin Lang runs into Xin Lei's car when he's biking and that's how they meet. She learns that he is a cook, so she asks him to teach her how to cook Oyster Omelettes, because her future mother-in-law favors Taiwanese dishes. Qin Lang reluctantly agrees to teach Xin Lei but ultimately ends up cooking for the entire party. Qin Lang and Xin Lei spend time with each other and find out quickly that they have nothing in common.

Not long after, Xin Lei's parents company goes bankrupt and her parents leave her all alone, since they think her fiance, Shang Dong, will take care of her. However, Shang Dong's parents won't let him get married to Xin Lei due to her new financial situation and Shang Dong instead gets engaged to another rich heiress. Xin Lei found a letter from her parents instructing her to wait at a house they supposedly own in Taiwan. When she arrives in Taiwan, she meets Qin Lang again. They find out that the house at 69 Wu Xing Street is owned by Qin Lang's Grandma and Xin Lei eventually stays there as a tenant.

She goes job hunting, meets new friends, and finally works as a flight attendant. The manager of the hotel, Cai Xiao Yang (Lu Jia Xin) is Qin Lang's childhood friend whom has a crush on him. Cai Xiao Yang realizes that Xin Lei and Qin Lang start to fall in love with each other. Things get complicated when An Teng Feng (Dean Fujioka), a famous pianist, stays at the hotel and becomes attracted to Xin Lei. Both Xin Lei and Qin Lang resolve the situation and finally get together. When everything seems to be fine, Shang Dong reappears. He wants her back and schemes Xin Lei out of the country with Cai Xiao Yang. Qin Lang realizes what happens, follows Xin Lei back to Shanghai and woos her back. After much tears and misunderstandings, all ends happily and Qin Lang realizes his dreams and designs shoes featuring his drawings.

Barbie Hsu still looks young... she even looks prettier in this drama compared to how she looked during her Meteor Garden days.....

Hmm..... so there's going to be a Corner with Love 2....? check it: i saw it in her filmography in Wikipedia (oh yeah. I always search on Wiki. Hahahaha!)... but it's unconfirmed yet.

photo from:

Camera Café Philippines

We just finished our Semi-final exams (and that was for two days but there's another one left for monday...... augh.)..... and because our exams are scheduled in the afternoon..... I got the chance to watch Camera Café while eating breakfast.... It was great to watch kasi nakakatawa at hindi lang kababawan yung jokes nila...... And it's nice to watch Filipino sitcoms wherein they speak english..... (wala lang... natutuwa lang ako... :D)

If I remember it right, the first time I saw Camera Café was during summer vacation..... I'm just not sure kung sa QTV or GMA..... I was actually waiting for the television to flash a scene from a different angle or place..... but the whole thing was just shot with that single location and angle. It felt awkward watching at first.... but I got used to it narin....

Goong (Princess Hours) gets a Philippine remake

ABS-CBN bought just bought the rights to remake MBC's hit; Goong or known in the Philippines as Princess Hours. The true Korean version was aired the Philippines December of 2006 and made a big hit (It was a jackpot for ABS. hee hee hee) and re-aired last year due to demand.

I really liked Princess Hours that it started my Kdrama addiction..... My friend suggested me to watch Romantic Princess (Taiwaese Drama) after I finished it. But I liked Korean drama better that's why I continued watching Kdramas.... until now. :D

Ok... ok... back to the topic: Princess Hours Philippine TV series. I checked Wikipedia(I mean a friend gave me a link of it....)To know what the story would look like.... and I found this line:"She attends the same school as Gian, the Crown Prince of Philippines." When did the Philippines become ruled under monarchy? (Hmmm...... I think the idea's not good..... oh well..... who knows.... ABS might be able to make it look really true... anyway it's just a TV series.)

*see Wikipedia

! actors and actresses for the lead roles; Shin Chae-Kyeong (crown princess), Yi Shin (crown prince), Yi Yool (he was originally the crown prince, a cousin to Shin), Min Hyo-rin (the girl Shin originally liked, a ballerina) are not yet announced

I'm glad to that Jiro Manio's part of the remake! :D

Opening theme: "If We fall In Love" by Yeng Constantino and Rj Jimenez

Ending theme: "Pag-ibig Na Kaya" by Rachelle Ann Go And Christian Bautista

*Pag-ibig na kaya is the Filipino translation for the original Goong's OST: Perhaps Love by HowL and J.

I'm looking forward to Princess Hours 2 and even panicked when I saw this picture months months ago on the net:

I thought it was a picture for Princess Hours 2.... (hahaha now I learned my lesson about assuming things.)

Monday, February 2

Harajuku Lovers Fragrance: scent of kawaii-ness

Harajuku (hara•joo•koo)
n. A style and attitude of Japanese girls from Harajuku, Tokyo. n. 2. Anything goes: outrageous, layered, and eye-catching.

Harajuku Lovers has five different scents to choose from:
G -> Never one to get lost in the crowd, G leads her crew in a white, corseted top and blue miniskirt—a modern day Alice in Wonderland. Quirky, unique, and undeniably cool, G leaves a mark with delicious notes of fresh coconut, jasmine, and cotton woods.

Love -> Caring and free-spirited, Love is always off in her own little world. Stepping out in a striped mini-dress and street-chic red kicks, Love wears her heart on her sleeve. Her scent is an unforgettable bouquet of pink pomelo, rose, and creamy vanilla orchid.

Lil' Angel
->Lil' Angel always has your back. In-keeping with her angelic, protective nature, this gorgeous guardian sports a classy yet sexy schoolgirl outfit, and leaves her mark with a spicy, sweet citrus floral with notes of pineapple, candied violet, and lollipop accord.

Music -> Charismatic Music has no qualms telling it like it is. Stylin' in a smocked sailor outfit and black lace-up boxing boots, Music grooves to the soundtrack of her life. She makes her entrance with the sparkling, yummy scents of pear, sweat pea, and sleek wood.

Baby -> One bat of her lashes and Baby has all the boys in the palm of her hand. Pretty in pink, she steps out in a short baby doll dress and Mary Janes, alluring everyone with powdery floral notes of white rose, orange flower, and white musk.

visit to see the look of each bottle

-->Which Harajuku Girl are you?

this is the result i got:

hee hee hee but I like Lil' Angel better......

*Harajuku Lovers Fragrance are by Gwen Stefani

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Sunday, February 1

People always say "you're beautiful" when you've got that S-line body and perfect face. They always refer to the aesthetic side. So....

"In my opinion, saying 'you are beautiful' to someone who undergone plastic surgery doesn't make sense."

nor I think will that person enjoy the compliment, for she knows, deep in her heart, that it isn't she who is being appreciated but the woman whom she has conjured up in her mind.

Haven for Shoppaholics

It’s easy to assume that Koreans are not night creatures, but that is far from the truth. Not only are there many Korean restaurants open 24 hours, but you can even shop all night long if you want to! Many places don’t even open until 8PM and you can shop until the sun comes up. Alot of high school students will go social shopping with their friends at night instead of going out to a bar or night club. Generally though, these all night malls are for wholesalers, so you get a cheaper price if you shop at night. (If you are only buying one item at a time, the discount is not that great, but it's still cheaper than normal.) You would be tempted to think that these places are not crowded since it’s the middle of the night, but in Tongdaemun for example, it’s practically impossible to find parking or a taxi at some of these establishments. At midnight, some of these malls are jam-packed with store owners carrying huge bags of booty for their shops. There will also be the occasional Japanese, Chinese or Singaporean tourist there.You can come out of the clubs and go drunk shopping, or you can get off from a late night at work and go shopping! Is there anywhere else in the world where can you shop till the wee hours? Cool!

credit to:

Pojangmacha (보장마차)

Mmmmm!!! I wonder what ajumma's cooking...

If you're addcited to Kdrama, I'm sure you've seen this stalls where Koreans drink bottle after bottle of sojus.

A pojangmacha is typically a restaurant on wheels. People cook food out of their trucks or vans and construct a make-shift restaurant with a tent. The walls of the restaurant are made with heavy duty plastic. A pojangmacha usually has plastic tables and chairs and has a raw charm about it. During winter months, pojangmacha owners may use kerosene heaters to warm the inside of the tent. While pojangmachas started out as a place to have a movable feast, some took the idea a bit further and decided to turn their tented restaurant into a permanent establishment. There are a few places in Apkujong near the Hak-dong intersection that are car garages by day and pojangmachas by night. There are several large, permanent pojangmachas in Hongdae where university students can snack after a night out clubbing. There are also entire streets of pojangmachas scattered throughout Seoul.
Don’t expect a nutritious three course meal at a pojangmacha, instead you will find all manner of snacks: pork dumplings (mandu), korean pizza known as chon, rice cakes covered in chili sauce (ddopoki), fish sticks, chicken liver sticks etc..
Why are pojangmachas so ubiquitous in Korea? Firstly, the price is right. The food at pojangmachas are often very cheap, since owners don’t have to pay exorbitant rents. Secondly, the atmosphere is lively and convivial. Pojangmachas are most often found clustered in areas where people are shopping, drinking and partying. You can go in there completely drunk, act loud and obnoxious and still manage to get a nice greasy meal to soak up the booze. If you want to continue drinking, most pojangmachas serve the alcoholic jet-fuel known as soju! In summary, pojangmachas are friendly places you can get cheap greasy snacks and chat with the owners or people next to you. It’s the fun atmosphere which makes pojangmachas a popular place for casual socializing.

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Saturday, January 31

Groovin' to the music of Earth, Wind and Fire

We just celebrated Expo '09 on school yesterday. And my schoolmates danced "Let's Groove"... and It reminded me of the famous band who sang it: Earth, Wind and Fire.

Earth, Wind and Fire, led by Maurice White is an American R&B band. They are known for their hit singles: Shining Star and September. They have won six Grammy awards, nominated for 20 times and have over 50 albums that reached platinum.

Their music just makes feel like groovin...... it actually made me think that their genre was Disco...... Hahahaha! I really don't know how to determine a song's genre......

My Earth, Wind and Fire faves:


-Let's Groove

Tuesday, January 27

It will be a beautiful, happy world when we all cease from envying our brother and strive, instead, to make ourselves just as beautiful and useful as we ourselves can ever be.

-Joseph Burke Egan

let's talk about LOVE

I can't remember how me and my friends got to this topic while talking a while ago........ I've always wondered how you'd be able to know that you're already in love and not just feeling infatuation...... And I really wonder if there's really the someONE that's really meant you and how you and that ONE be able to find each other among the billions of people around the world. If it's true, I guess destiny's just really good in letting hearts find its partner.

do you really believe that there's really ONE destined for you?
Practice makes perfect. But then,

Nobody's perfect. So why practice?! ;)


Monday, January 26

Hola! Spanish Classes are back!

MANILA, Philippines—If the Department of Education (DepEd) had its way, more and more Filipinos may soon appreciate the literary works of Pablo Neruda, Don Quixote, or Gabriel Garcia Marquez in their original Spanish text.

Starting this coming school year, Spanish will be taught in selected public high schools around the country to better prepare students “in communicating a widely used second language,” according to Education Secretary Jesli Lapus.

“(This will) prepare the students for meaningful interaction in a linguistically diverse global workplace. It will also develop understanding and appreciation of other people's culture," Lapus said on Monday.

Spanish, once an official language of the Philippines, would be reintroduced in high school through a “Special Program in Foreign Language,” which is aimed at schools whose students “have demonstrated competence in English and are also capable of learning another foreign language.”

Lapus said the program would develop students' skills in “listening, reading, writing, speaking and viewing which are necessary for the students to acquire communication skills using a second foreign language.”

The program would initially offer Spanish in one school per region with two classes of 35 students each per school, Lapus said.

The pilot schools and their teachers would be selected by the DepEd Regional Office based on the criteria for selection, he added.

In the selection of the pilot schools, only secondary schools with the highest Mean Percentage Score (MPS) in English in the whole region will be selected.

The school should also be able to provide substitute teachers who will take over the classes of the foreign language teachers while on training.

Lapus added that the pilot schools would be selected based on the availability of classrooms and support facilities and equipment like “computer laboratory with at least 10 computers and headsets to support speech lessons.”

"One of the criteria in selecting the teachers who will handle the teaching of the foreign language is that they must be willing to finish the crash course and participate in teaching Spanish," Lapus said.

The teachers who will be selected to undergo the three-month training will earn units under the continuing education program.

Lapus said the department wanted to make sure there would be enough teachers to handle the subjects in selected pilot schools upon the start of the program in June 2009.

An estimated 320 million people speak Spanish as a native language around the globe today, making it the world's fourth most spoken language in terms of native speakers.

The language reached these shores with the Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century and it remained an official language of the country despite the American occupation of the Philippines in the early 20th century.

It lost its status as an official language only in 1973 during the administration of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

After Marcos was toppled in 1986, the mandatory teaching of Spanish in colleges and universities was also stopped, and thus, younger generations of Filipinos have little or no knowledge of Spanish as compared to the older generations.

However, the Spanish language retains a large influence in local dialects---like Chabacano---with many words coming from or being derived from Spanish.

And besides enriching the country’s Hispanic heritage, learning Spanish would also be a practical help for those hoping to land a job in the booming call center industry, where Spanish-speakers are sought after and are paid higher salaries.

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Sunday, January 25

a letter to the future

write yourself in the future!


Saturday, January 24

Japanese Doll

Mom bought a cute Japanese doll....... How I wish there was another doll in Hanbok......

My 별, the brightest is now also accessible through

Friday, January 23

Living on Air by Anna Shapiro

It's 1966 and Maude Pugh live in Levitown in a house painted black on the inside to better showcase the paintings of her unsuccessful artist father. She secures herself a scholarship to a prestigious prep school and quickly falls in love with it and the world of social privelege, but the family tensions and financial problems threaten her foothold on happiness.

I actually started few pages before Christmas break started..... but I really have a tight schedule that I can't find time to continue reading......

Busy. Very Busy

It's really busy on school today. There's always remaining work to do at home.... Homework. But if lucky, no quizzes for tomorrow. I always do letters, encoding and stuff for our yearbook..... almost everyday. I do some of the work at school then some still at home. What's the next big event: Semi-finals. Gosh. It's really exhausting.

Thursday, January 22 gets a personalized look for the first time

At last. After 4 months of blogging, I finally got to personalize the layout of my blog. I'm too busy [and as well lazy ;)] to study html that's why it took me this long to get the look that I want for my blog. Since I've been addicted in making my own layouts at friendster...... I got a little familiarized with CSS codes...... it was a little [very little actually] same with the pre-made html layouts here on blogger. I just tried changing the background image and the color values....... and thank God, it worked. Woooot!

Wednesday, January 21

L-O-V-E, Rakuwa! Rakuwa!

So I was looking into this cabinet last night and found a picture of Rukawa and Hanamichi. I bought that picture when I was on the sixth grade..... it was during that time was SLAMDUNK was a hit among the elementary students.....

Though he's just an anime character.... I had a crush on him before....... HAHAHAHAHA! weird!

He's full name is Kaede Rukawa, member of his school's basketball varsity. I found his "varsity I.D." on the net:

I won't forget those three girls who used to cheer during his games. Their cheer goes like this: L-O-V-E Rukawa! Rukawa!

here's a better photo of Kaede

Sunday, January 18

what does HALLYU mean?

Hallyu is a new term which some Korean marketing genius probably came up with in a boardroom somewhere. Hallyu was invented to increase tourism and raise the profile of Korea in the world.The term 'Hallyu' means the love for Korean pop culture, or the appreciation of all things Korean. Hallyu began roughly 5 years ago when the rest of Asia discovered Korean soap operas. One of the breakthrough dramas was a series called Winter Sonata starring Choi Ji Woo and Bae Young-Joon. After that, more Korean dramas saw their way to foreign shores and Korean films and music started to follow suit. Korean marketing people started to see a Korea-centric trend flowing throughout Asia Hawaii and even in parts of Russia. They dubbed this flow "The Korean Wave" or Hallyu.

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now i know......... I'm suffering of Hallyu..... No. No. Not suffering.

It isn't bad to say that I'm suffering from it.......I mean........ experiencing Hallyu. Hee hee ;)

Saturday, January 17

Hanbok Souvenirs

Don't forget to buy these souvenirs before leaving Korea! Check the Tourist Souvenir Shop next to the Insadong’s Tourist Information Center.

These miniature Hanbok items come in all types of Hanbok including royal court Hanboks, Daejanggeum (Korean drama, Jewel in the Palace) -type Hanboks, and ceremonial Hanboks. Also, the dolls in Hanbok range from moderate to top quality high-priced dolls for doll-collectors.

Dolls in Hanbok: ₩20,000~40,000
Framed Hanbok: ₩35,000~45,000

Or if you want to buy a Hanbok for you to wear, check this places:
(동대문) Dongdaemun Market:
Doosan Tower, located at Seoul Dongdaemun Market, has a marriage-essentials complex on the 7th floor, offering not only Hanboks, but bedding, decorative ornaments, and more. You can also take care of your shopping for trendy fashion-wear all at Doosan Tower. Business hours begin at 10am and end at 2am, so it allows you to shop late at night if you are busy during the day.

Take Subway Line #2, 4, or 5 to Dongdaemun Stadium Station, and go out of Exit #14. Walk toward Dongdaemun for about 200m; located to the left of Doosan Tower.

(광장) Gwangjang Market:
Gwangjang Market is well known for its long tradition and history in the Hanbok-making business, and as it is a traditional type of market, it might not be the most convenient place to shop, but you can get the best deals Seoul has to offer in terms of Hanboks. You can also see what a traditional Korean market is like, and have fun bargaining for items you want to buy.
About 600 Hanbok shops line the first and second floors, with a wide range of prices depending on the material, embroidery and design. If you are looking for the best deal, then Gwangjang Market is the place for you. Each shop has its own business hours, but most shops usually open sometime between 6~8am and close somewhere around 7pm. All shops are closed on Sundays.

Take Seoul Subway Line #1 to Jongno 5-ga Station and go out of Exit #8; it’s a 2 to 3-minute walk from the station exit.

Currency exchange rates as of January 17 2009 (Yahoo! Finance):
1US$ - 1351.8₩
1Php - 28.6854₩

text and photos from:
sa school:

hindi lahat ng tahimik ay nakikinig.


Chingu (Stained Glass OST) - Lee Dong Gun

paraman bwado nuni bu-syeot-do
noye ku nunbit naneun kiokhae
aju kinagin shigani hullogatjiman
occhom irohke hanado byeonhamomnunji

kugungori-neun nae ma-meun non algo-issulkka
amuronmaldo mothago utgimanha-neun no
ojing noma-neul kanchor-hi kidaryowatda-myeon
no-neun midulsu optketji ku seworul

otton insado osae-khagetji
kumankum uri koborin-golkka
uri hamkkehan ku shijoldo nae-bo-myeonso
nodo kakku-meun nae saenggak hae-ju-om-neunji

shijakhalsuman itda-myeon olmana choh-ulkka
hanado namkiji-anhko modu da jultende
kuttaen nomuna oryoso hae-julsu opsotdon
no-reul wihae chonbihae-un nae sara-ngeul

sesange tae-ona cho-um saranghaetdon
arumdaun gu so-nyeo-rul nan kiokhae
otton mosuburo otton saranguro
sarawatdon goni…

shijakhalsuman itda-myeon olmana choh-ulkka
hanado namkiji-anhko modu da jultende
kuttaen nomuna oryoso hae-julsu opsotdon
no-reul wihae chonbihae-un nae sara-ngeul

download this song!

*to download, right click the link then click "save link as"

credit to:,

if anyone knows the English translation, feel free to comment it here! :D thanks!

Thursday, January 15

Aanhin mo ang lalakeng gwapo, kung mas malandi naman sa 'yo.


the BANANA diet

As elsewhere, people in Japan who are trying to lose weight gather together on internet forums and social networking sites to pick up diet tips and give each other support. Recently on Mixi, one of the most popular social networking sites in Japan, the diet musings of one of the members and the enthusiastic contributions of others in the community coalesced to produce a new and simple diet program that has jumped into the mainstream Japanese media and resulted in three books and many magazine articles. This diet was dubbed the Asa Banana Diet. Japan is known for kaizen, the gradual refinement and improvement of manufacturing and other processes, and the Asa Banana Diet is in effect Japan’s kaizen of a diet classic, the Banana Diet.

Learn the diet:
Rule #1: Eat 1-2 bananas before each meal... minimum of 3 times a day.

Very simple, huh? Not much to think about. If you eat, you're going to eat 1-2 bananas before your meal. Practical, easy, healthy, and not much to remember.

Before breakfast, eat 2 bananas. Before lunch, eat 2 bananas. Before dinner, eat 1 banana. So you eat 5 total bananas a day.

Rule #2: Eat whatever you want for meals.

This rule is simple... eat whatever you want, just as long as you eat 2 bananas before breakfast, 2 bananas before lunch, and 1 banana before dinner. Obviously eating healthier than normal would help your weight loss efforts even more, but it's not 100% necessary.

Bonus Rule: You can replace 1 banana with an apple before breakfast and lunch.

As mentioned, you can replace a banana with an apple before breakfast and lunch. This is to help relieve possible boredom. Nothing more.

*I think it's an expensive diet for Japan. My betsfriend's dad works with a Japanese and he mentioned that bananas are sold in high price in Japan.....

text from:, ezine articles

to know how much weight, you'd be able to loose, check this article from TIME.

Monday, January 12

light of the world

A small boy forgot his lines in the Sunday school presentation. His mother sat in the front row and tried to prompt him by gesturing and silently forming words with her lips. It was no use. The boy's memory went blank.

Finally she leaned forward and whispered his cue: "I am the light of the world."

With broad smile and beaming confidence, the child sad in a loud, clear voice: "My mother is the light of the world."

from: kerygma

Lipstick basics

General guidelines on wearing lipstick:

Cooler tones, those on the bluer end of the spectrum, work better for fairer skin. Warmer tones, those closer to the red and orange, work best for people with darker skins.

Use warm and creamy shades (more pink, less red) for office. Evening light is more forgiving so you can wear sheer fuchsias for fair skin or brick reds for those with olive skin.

You can try on shades that professionals say look beautiful on early everyone: a sheer berry,subtle pink, or light brown or nude spiked with gold bronze or red.

Generally, the wetter the texture, the less long-wearing but more goof-proof a lipstick is.

Save the heavy gloss and the shimmery stuff for night.


Saturday, January 10



Gache is a big wig in braids.

It usually weighs 3 - 4 kilograms.

It takes 6-7 years to make a Gache.

To Koreans, wearing these big and heavy wigs makes them look more beautiful and elegant.

At first (I'm talking about the first time korean drama was aired in the Philippines - I think that was 2003) I found it awkward....

Friday, January 9

UPCAT 2009 results (for the August 2008 exam)

...and the moment of truth has come.

Congratulations to all UPCAT passers!!!

why can't I see the list of passers??? is it really out??? I checked the site again but the date (January 9) disappeared... have they moved the releasing of results.....?

Thursday, January 8


I just can't imagine how other ladies could manage to wear very high stilettos............

It seems that it really hurts to hear them..........

Monday, January 5

What is a friend?

What is a friend? I'll tell you.
It is a person with whom you dare to be
Yourself- your soul can go naked with him.
He seems to ask you to put on nothing.
Appreciating you for who you truthfully are.

When you are with him, you do not have to be
on your guard. You can say what you think,
so long as it is genuinely you.

He understands the contradictions in your
nature which cause others to
misjudge you. with him you breathe freely...
you can profess your little vanities, envies
and absurdities - and in opening
them up to him, they are vanished
onto the white ocean of his loyalty.

He understands. You can weep with him.
laugh with him, pray with him...
through it all, he sees, know and LOVES you.

these were written on the present that my best friend gave me for Christmas.... i thought it was cute... so... i wrote it here... :)

학생 is back to school

I'm back to school today.

And and maybe I'm currently standing under the heat of the sun, singing the national anthem or sitting on my chair listening to whatever is being discussed right now.

I just wish this is how our uniform looked like:

I am Sam cast

Sunday, January 4

Park Shin Yang

Hmmm.... I've seen this man already....... when I was young..... and that was during the Lovers in Paris hit...... but..... I didn't find him attractive that time. until.......

Money War (War of Money) was aired the Philippines. And now, I realized how deadly his smile is. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA It makes smile when I him smiling... There's really something when he smiles....

i guess taste does change over time...

his wife must be really lucky to have him. ;)

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I'm safe with you, Harry"-> omg. that line makes cry...... :'(

I've been too busy watching Korean drama, searching the net about anything Korean, and school of course, that I already forgot about Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I good thing I saw it on the newspaper yesterday....... It said that it was supposed to be released last November 2008 but was then moved to July 17 2009. The news paper also said that Raplh Fiennes' nephew, Hero Fiennes Tiffin would be playing as the young Voldemort.

I cried when I was on the chapter where Harry had to make Dumbledore drink that liquid from the basin to get that "fake" Horcrux, as well on his burial and I think I'd be crying a lot more when I see it on the movie.

I've been waiting for the Deadly Hallows paperback since school started, back in July '08 and until now, I still can't find one. I guess It would be available in the Philippines only by Summer. idk......... I haven't checked bookstores since last last month........

*visit the official site for the trailer and pictures