Friday, February 6

Goong (Princess Hours) gets a Philippine remake

ABS-CBN bought just bought the rights to remake MBC's hit; Goong or known in the Philippines as Princess Hours. The true Korean version was aired the Philippines December of 2006 and made a big hit (It was a jackpot for ABS. hee hee hee) and re-aired last year due to demand.

I really liked Princess Hours that it started my Kdrama addiction..... My friend suggested me to watch Romantic Princess (Taiwaese Drama) after I finished it. But I liked Korean drama better that's why I continued watching Kdramas.... until now. :D

Ok... ok... back to the topic: Princess Hours Philippine TV series. I checked Wikipedia(I mean a friend gave me a link of it....)To know what the story would look like.... and I found this line:"She attends the same school as Gian, the Crown Prince of Philippines." When did the Philippines become ruled under monarchy? (Hmmm...... I think the idea's not good..... oh well..... who knows.... ABS might be able to make it look really true... anyway it's just a TV series.)

*see Wikipedia

! actors and actresses for the lead roles; Shin Chae-Kyeong (crown princess), Yi Shin (crown prince), Yi Yool (he was originally the crown prince, a cousin to Shin), Min Hyo-rin (the girl Shin originally liked, a ballerina) are not yet announced

I'm glad to that Jiro Manio's part of the remake! :D

Opening theme: "If We fall In Love" by Yeng Constantino and Rj Jimenez

Ending theme: "Pag-ibig Na Kaya" by Rachelle Ann Go And Christian Bautista

*Pag-ibig na kaya is the Filipino translation for the original Goong's OST: Perhaps Love by HowL and J.

I'm looking forward to Princess Hours 2 and even panicked when I saw this picture months months ago on the net:

I thought it was a picture for Princess Hours 2.... (hahaha now I learned my lesson about assuming things.)

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