Friday, February 13

He broke the record.

One of my "guy" classmates then broke the record of my first dance. I would now finally won't leave the "who was your first dance?" question on slambooks blank.

For this school year, I won as the Supreme Student Council President. Since our school does not hold JS Proms...... I tried asking the administration to allow us to hold a Student's Night(it's the same with Promenades.... just a little different...). But my request was denied due to some reasons(which I will no longer discuss, because it's along story that starts about five to six years ago....)

So..... our teacher gave us the chance to have a mini Prom and experience the thrill of having a "first dance."

I really didn't realized it at once. If my classmate wouldn't have asked me if "he" was my first dance.... i might have not noticed it at all. I think it's because I don't know why he asked me to dance, knowing that he presently has a girlfriend. And another, there's no kilig feeling at all. It actually felt a bit awkward specially the feeling of his arms on my waist......eeeeeeeeee

Oh yeah, if you're wondering why we got to do these things; we're celebrating Teacher's day on school... and after the program we prepared for our teacher, we had our Valentine Program today since we won't be going to school tomorrow.

And if "you" accidentally stumble on this page,(but I think that's impossible....) thanks for the dance :D i forgot to tell you that a while ago....

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