Tuesday, March 24

we had the right love at the wrong time.

too bad.

-baby can I hold you lyrics

Thursday, March 12

I dropped too many clues. Your heart is just closed that’s why you don’t even notice.
You are always gonna be my love

Itsuka dareka to mata koi ni ochitemo

even if I fall inlove with someone once again

I'll remember to love

You taught me how

You are always gonna be the one

Ima wa mada kanashii love song

it's still a sad love song

Atarashi uta utaeru made
until I can sing a new song

-First Love by Utada Hikaru lyrics

Wednesday, March 11

it would be a nice thing to know that HE (might be) is my first LOVE.

because it somewhat assures me that the feeling won’t die :D
Don't you know that I want
to be more that just your friend
Holding hands is fine
But I've got better things on my mind
You know it could happen
If you'd only see me in a different light
Baby when we fin'lly get together
You will see that I was right
Say you love me
You know that it could be nice
If you'd only say you love me
Don't treat me like I was ice
Please love me
I'll be yours and you'll be mine
If you'd only say you love me baby
Things would really work out fine

-say you love me lyrics

Monday, March 9

now that's SWEET.

One of my friends borrowed my mechanical pencil to do his drafting at home. Since I had two that time, I lent him the other one. So after he used it, he returned it back.

I was reviewing for finals, and my marker ran out of ink and decided just to use my pencil instead of wasting time of finding another one. I was playing with my pencil and I noticed that there was something inside of it because it sounded every time I shook it..... I removed that thing on the end of the pencil and tried to get rid whatever was in there. I got surprised since lead sticks (I don't how it's really called but I'm talking about the ones that you put in a mechanical pencil to be able to write) came out of it. I don't put lead sticks on my pencil..... I just refill it at home..... I wasn't sure at first if it was him because another classmate borrowed it after he did(and that's Jhoy). I asked him if he was the one who left the lead sticks. He said Yes. I asked him why. He told me that he won't be longer using those since he broke his mechanical pencil. (Hahahaha I know he has a point. But he could just buy a new one right?) I don't why, but I just find it sweet.

I don't know if he notices that
aside from my I.D. and necktie, it's the only one that I always put closest to my heart.

yeah. I always cling my pencil on my I.D. so I won't get it from my bag every now and then.

Sunday, March 8

Cheo Eum Bu Teo Ji Geum Kka Ji (Winter Sonata OST) english translation

From Beginning Till Now

I. I can no longer hide
My feelings for you
Hoping that I'll get the chance to hold you

II. I can no longer keep it secret
It only hurts me so
In my solitude, I'm longing for you

III. I don't need any treasure
All I want is your love
I cannot bear you being far away
Separated from me

IV. I hope that you are my destiny
Holding you each and every day
As long as my life is here
I'm willing to give it all to you

(Repeat II, III, IV)

V. True love feels so good
Like my love for you

(Repeat III, IV)

a post from:asianfanatics forum

Cheo Eum Bu Teo Ji Geum Kka Ji (Winter Sonata OST) romanized lyrics

romanization by: warghalv

Nege orsu obsur gorago ijen gurorsu obdago
jebal guman harago narur dalleji
jongmar ijoborigo shipho dashin borsu obdamyon
narur jabgo inun noui modungor
nega ugo shiphurte mada non narur uroborige mandunika
onugod hanado naui tudero non har su obge mandunungor
niga urgo shiphur te mada nan irohge munojyo borigo manika
amuri ijuryogo erursodo ijur su obge hanika

Jongmar ijoborigo shipho dashin borsu obdamyon
narur jabgo inun noui modungor
nega ugo shiphurte mada non narur uroborige mandunika
onugod hanado naui tudero non har su obge mandunungor
niga bogo shiphur te mada nan irohge munojyo borigo manika
amuri ijuryogo erursodo ijur su obge hanika

Dan hansaramur saranghanunge ithorog himdun irinjur nan jongmar mollasso

Nega ugo shiphurte mada non narur uroborige mandunika
onugod hanado naui tudero non har su obge mandunungor
niga bogo shiphur te mada nan irohge munojyo borigo manika
amuri ijuryogo erursodo ijur su obge hanik

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(download link from: koreanentertainmentlovers.blogspot.com)

lyrics from: lyricstime.com

Friday, March 6

This is how I sort the boys in my class:


Self-proclaimed "handsome" and think that they're the best pick a girl could have. They constantly have that feeling that a girl is trying to catch their attention and ask them straight in their faces: "Nagpapacute ka ba?". ANNOYING!!! FEELER!!!


Oh. You really have to stay away from these kind of guys. When they talk to girls, they'll put their face very close to the girl's face and try to sound very gentle and suave when talking........


These guys are really good in Math and Physics....... the "star" of "shoedowns... ;)" The type who deserves to be respected...... and the type who, you should be friendly with..... (in case you don't understand lessons) :D


Uhm...... I'm close to some boys. And most of them are not "straight"...... Yeah.... I find the gay faction of men more sociable to girls :D


This type of boy is very rare. He usually comes from "the GENIUS" group..... This type respects girls and is the real gentleman of the class.... He has a touch of sweetness in his personality and doesn't act aggressive to the girl he likes. :)

Thursday, March 5


I don't know if this is the right time,
and if I have to wait.
What I'm only sure of;
is that I like you.
And I don't when I'd stop to.
If it's destined to be "WE",
let it be.
We'll get there someday.
Just wait for me.


Tuesday, March 3

Airing for Boys Before Flowers gets delayed

I don't watch Boys Before Flowers.... (because our slow internet connection deprives me this online watching experience.... haayyy........) But a friend of mine is SO ATTACHED to it... that makes me think that it's a good drama to watch...... And since the Hallyu-stricken populace wants to get updated everything about Boys before flowers.... I think they ought to know this:

Murphy's Law struck for the cast and crew of Boys Before Flowers when lead actress Gu Hye-sun (Geum Jan-di) met with an accident on the 27th February -- yes it was the day of the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards. I guess this answers my question as to why Hye-sun did not attend the awards ceremony.

As a result, filming cannot continue and Episode 17 (which was to be aired on 02 March) was delayed.

The Accident

Goo Hye-sun was riding in her car returning from filming location to Seoul. Her car collided with a dump truck, causing her to slam into the seat in front of her. Although initially it was reported that she suffered no damaging injuries, it was later revealed that Hye-sun had to get stitches for a cut at her mouth. Plus the impact had caused swelling to her face and this would certainly hamper filming.

Lee Min-ho to the rescue

In an interview with Goo Hye-sun at the hospital on the 28th Feb, she revealed that her co-star Lee Min-ho (Gu Jun-pyo) was actually the first to arrive at the scene of the accident and promptly whisked her to the hospital for treatment. Ahhh....he's her real life hero too. ;-)

Hye-sun said:

“After the accident occurred, a van that looked a lot like Lee Min ho’s passed by. With my head ringing, I slightly remember thinking, ‘I wish that was Min ho’s car.’ As the car door opened, it turned out that it was really Min ho, and he began to run toward us. At that time he looked like the savior of the world. Had I gotten to the hospital any later, my recovery would have been later as well. I was so thankful.”

Gu Hye-sun watched the Baeksang Arts Awards on TV

Being injured and all, Gu Hye-sun couldn't join in the festivities and had to watch the Baeksang on television.

“I was shocked when I saw Lee Min Ho fall on the red carpet. I laughed without even knowing. I thought the stitches in my mouth had come undone(laughs)."

Hospital Visits

Her co-stars Lee Min-ho and Kim Hyun-joong -- the two who worked the closest with her in the drama came to visit after the Baeksang awards ceremony. How sweet! Later, Lee Min-ho went back to work filming the drama. Filming scenes that did not involve Hye-sun of course. Korean entertainers are a hard working bunch!

On March 01, all four of the F4 members visited Hye-sun.

Compensation: Special Episode

Production company Group Eight announced that a special will be aired on Monday (02 March), with Episode 17 on Tuesday. The special will feature F4 members showing behind-the-scene footages at filming locations as well as never-before-seen clips -- perhaps even some NGs!

Gu Hye-sun is expected to start filming again mid-week.

some credits to: k-popped.com
Don't love me like a flower that DIES on summer. But love me like a river that flows FOREVER.

Wooohooo! No more written exams for this school year!

Yes! Yes! Yes! We just finished all our written exams today..... Oohhh! It feels really good! But sad to say.... we still have oral exams...... We have to recite our school's vision-mission and sing the loyalty song........

And now...... we're just going to be busy practicing for graduation.......