Friday, April 3

when you're bored...... visit BLOGTHINGS

whoa...... it's been a long time since my last post...... hahahaha I've been busy. Hmmm.... not really... just occupied the whole day thinking about "things" and crying over these "things"...... hahaha

I really felt bored today.... so I just visited again like what I usually do when I get bored since the day I found this site....

here are some of the nice tests that I took :

what's your personality type?
how rare is your personality?
three-question personality test
short personality test
what are the colors of your heart?
what's your name's hidden meaning?
how do you color your life?
old fashioned name generator
the outfit test
what street sign are you?
how are you in love?
why don't you have a boyfriend?
what's your friendship style?
the cupcake test
do men find you a challenge?
the ice cream personality test
what goddess are you?
the gem stone test

what gemstone are you?
what do people envy about you?

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