Sunday, February 1

Haven for Shoppaholics

It’s easy to assume that Koreans are not night creatures, but that is far from the truth. Not only are there many Korean restaurants open 24 hours, but you can even shop all night long if you want to! Many places don’t even open until 8PM and you can shop until the sun comes up. Alot of high school students will go social shopping with their friends at night instead of going out to a bar or night club. Generally though, these all night malls are for wholesalers, so you get a cheaper price if you shop at night. (If you are only buying one item at a time, the discount is not that great, but it's still cheaper than normal.) You would be tempted to think that these places are not crowded since it’s the middle of the night, but in Tongdaemun for example, it’s practically impossible to find parking or a taxi at some of these establishments. At midnight, some of these malls are jam-packed with store owners carrying huge bags of booty for their shops. There will also be the occasional Japanese, Chinese or Singaporean tourist there.You can come out of the clubs and go drunk shopping, or you can get off from a late night at work and go shopping! Is there anywhere else in the world where can you shop till the wee hours? Cool!

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