Monday, March 9

now that's SWEET.

One of my friends borrowed my mechanical pencil to do his drafting at home. Since I had two that time, I lent him the other one. So after he used it, he returned it back.

I was reviewing for finals, and my marker ran out of ink and decided just to use my pencil instead of wasting time of finding another one. I was playing with my pencil and I noticed that there was something inside of it because it sounded every time I shook it..... I removed that thing on the end of the pencil and tried to get rid whatever was in there. I got surprised since lead sticks (I don't how it's really called but I'm talking about the ones that you put in a mechanical pencil to be able to write) came out of it. I don't put lead sticks on my pencil..... I just refill it at home..... I wasn't sure at first if it was him because another classmate borrowed it after he did(and that's Jhoy). I asked him if he was the one who left the lead sticks. He said Yes. I asked him why. He told me that he won't be longer using those since he broke his mechanical pencil. (Hahahaha I know he has a point. But he could just buy a new one right?) I don't why, but I just find it sweet.

I don't know if he notices that
aside from my I.D. and necktie, it's the only one that I always put closest to my heart.

yeah. I always cling my pencil on my I.D. so I won't get it from my bag every now and then.

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