Friday, February 6

Corner with Love

Corner with Love is another Romance-Comedy drama I'm watching....... Corner with loves stars Show Luo and Barbie Hsu...... And so far.... I like it! (it's actually a Taiwanese drama.... hahahaha! I' messing my consistency about liking Korean dramas better than other asian ones...... but this is one of non-Korean dramas that interests me) Thus proves that I enjoy Romance-Comedy genres. Hee hee hee

Plot Summary from Wikipedia:
Qin Lang (Show Luo) works in Shanghai as a cook and dreams of becoming an artist. His speciality is cooking Oyster Omelettes. Xin Lei (Barbie Hsu) is a rich, spoiled girl, about to marry Shang Dong (Chen Zhi Kai), a rich young man. Qin Lang runs into Xin Lei's car when he's biking and that's how they meet. She learns that he is a cook, so she asks him to teach her how to cook Oyster Omelettes, because her future mother-in-law favors Taiwanese dishes. Qin Lang reluctantly agrees to teach Xin Lei but ultimately ends up cooking for the entire party. Qin Lang and Xin Lei spend time with each other and find out quickly that they have nothing in common.

Not long after, Xin Lei's parents company goes bankrupt and her parents leave her all alone, since they think her fiance, Shang Dong, will take care of her. However, Shang Dong's parents won't let him get married to Xin Lei due to her new financial situation and Shang Dong instead gets engaged to another rich heiress. Xin Lei found a letter from her parents instructing her to wait at a house they supposedly own in Taiwan. When she arrives in Taiwan, she meets Qin Lang again. They find out that the house at 69 Wu Xing Street is owned by Qin Lang's Grandma and Xin Lei eventually stays there as a tenant.

She goes job hunting, meets new friends, and finally works as a flight attendant. The manager of the hotel, Cai Xiao Yang (Lu Jia Xin) is Qin Lang's childhood friend whom has a crush on him. Cai Xiao Yang realizes that Xin Lei and Qin Lang start to fall in love with each other. Things get complicated when An Teng Feng (Dean Fujioka), a famous pianist, stays at the hotel and becomes attracted to Xin Lei. Both Xin Lei and Qin Lang resolve the situation and finally get together. When everything seems to be fine, Shang Dong reappears. He wants her back and schemes Xin Lei out of the country with Cai Xiao Yang. Qin Lang realizes what happens, follows Xin Lei back to Shanghai and woos her back. After much tears and misunderstandings, all ends happily and Qin Lang realizes his dreams and designs shoes featuring his drawings.

Barbie Hsu still looks young... she even looks prettier in this drama compared to how she looked during her Meteor Garden days.....

Hmm..... so there's going to be a Corner with Love 2....? check it: i saw it in her filmography in Wikipedia (oh yeah. I always search on Wiki. Hahahaha!)... but it's unconfirmed yet.

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