Sunday, January 18

what does HALLYU mean?

Hallyu is a new term which some Korean marketing genius probably came up with in a boardroom somewhere. Hallyu was invented to increase tourism and raise the profile of Korea in the world.The term 'Hallyu' means the love for Korean pop culture, or the appreciation of all things Korean. Hallyu began roughly 5 years ago when the rest of Asia discovered Korean soap operas. One of the breakthrough dramas was a series called Winter Sonata starring Choi Ji Woo and Bae Young-Joon. After that, more Korean dramas saw their way to foreign shores and Korean films and music started to follow suit. Korean marketing people started to see a Korea-centric trend flowing throughout Asia Hawaii and even in parts of Russia. They dubbed this flow "The Korean Wave" or Hallyu.

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now i know......... I'm suffering of Hallyu..... No. No. Not suffering.

It isn't bad to say that I'm suffering from it.......I mean........ experiencing Hallyu. Hee hee ;)

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