Wednesday, December 3

National Career Assessment Examination results

My NCAE results

General Scholastic Aptitude:
Scientific Ability: 97
Reading Comprehension: 96
Verbal Ability: 98
Mathematical Ability: 87
Overall GSA: 97

Technical-Vocational Aptitude:
Clerical Ability: 79
Manipulative Skill: 83
Overall TVA: 86

Non-Verbal Ability: 99
Entrepreneurial Skill: 95

Occupational fields of interest:


Scientific Ability:
This is an assessment of the individual's scientific abilities and skills to adopt scientific methods, procedures and processes constructing knowledge and solving experimental or real-life problems. One who has greater probability to excel in academic programs that work mostly on scientific methodologies. Those with average SA can be successful in the field of chemistry, botany, biology and other courses related to medicine.

Reading Comprehension:This measures the ability to understand what has been stated directly; to analyze, interpret and criticize what has been read; to recognize reasonable application of principles or opinions expressed by the author. A student with high RC has the potential to make sound inferences, syntheses, generalizations, or conclusions on what he/she read. Students who posses the skills will most likely succeed in courses that involve public speaking and even writing such as mass communication, teaching, theology, and law.

Verbal Ability:
This subtest measures the assertive ability of a person in view of grammatical rules and logical arrangement of ideas. Individuals with high VA have high sense of analogy; hence, they have potential in mass communication, law teaching, and preaching vocation. Those with average VA can be developed in advertising careers.

Mathematical Ability: This subtest id used to assess quantitative abilities and computational skills, particularly, on working with numbers, perceiving relationship between two quantities and solving word problems. One with high MA has high sense of mathematical calculus, a requisite skill in engineering courses, aeronautics, and marine courses.

Clerical Ability: This is a test of ability and skill to encode data/information and file office records, as well as ability to note details. High CA is the requisite skill for secretarial jobs for these jobs require good manual dexterity; thus individuals with high CA are potential computer operators, encoders, and stenographers.

Manipulative Skills: This subtest measures abilities that require perceptual and visual judgment in determining figures, symbols, patterns, and nature of space as well as skills in mentally manipulating objects and concrete materials. Manipulative skills are required in occupations such as machine technicians, jewelers, watchmakers, engravers,handicraft makers, and the like.

Nonverbal Ability:This tests a person's reasoning ability to identify patterns presented in diagrammatic form. The series of figures presented in each item requires the perception of an operating principle underlying the changes in the figures. In each instance, the examinee must discover the principle's governing change/s of the figures and give evidence of his understanding by indicating the diagram that should logically follow. It tests abilities required in jobs such as engineering, science, architecture, and any other jobs which involve working with diagrammatic and similar visual information.

Entrepreneurial Skill:This a test to assess one's capacity to engage in business undertakings. One with average to high ES has the potential to succeed in activities/jobs that generate income, considering profit business.


Social Interests: This means that you enjoy activities that assist other people and promote learning and personal development. Examples: ushers/lobby attendants, nurse/caregivers, librarians, teachers, news reporters, translators, advertisers, sales agents/representatives, athletic trainers, law enforcers, judges, counseling psychologists, religious workers/laymen, health educators, business managers, community workers.

Enterprising Interests: This means that you like activities that have something to do with carrying out projects especially business ventures. Examples: retail/sari-sari store, door-to-door sales, buy-and-sell, handicrafts, telemarketing, hairdressing cosmetology, dressmaking/tailoring, agriculture crops, food factory, travel agency, loan service, hotel and restaurant.

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