Tuesday, December 30

My Tutor Friend Lesson II

Plot summary:
Junko crosses the ocean and goes to Seoul as an exchange student and to look for her love, Woo Sung. She stays at a guest house in Korea, but she doesn't like the left vacant rooms and the land lord decides to give his son's (Jong Man) room for her to rent. Jong Man goes sleep at his room without knowing that Junko was there, they then discovered it when they woke up in the morning. Junko pays for her Korean lessons in advance to Jong Man's father that forces Jong Man to teach her. Junko went to the military training camp where she thought Woo Sung was but she didn't found him and got back home crying. Jong Man comforts Junko and they end up drinking and fall asleep together on a bench. She later then accidentally meets Woo Sung and invites her to go out, at that night, she was invited by Woo Sung to come with him and his friends to a trip but then she rejects to come. Junko has secretly signed for Jong Man in a boxing tournament in school which Jong Man has years ago stopped due to the severe damage he has done to his foe in one of his fights. He gets persuaded by Junko to join the tournament but then he gets beaten up and losses. Junko has to go back to Japan because her father got sick. Jong Man then follows her in Japan and shows up in Christmas eve. He came as an exchange student in Japan :)

*It was really a nice movie! Try watch it! ;)

photo from: kdramadrama.com

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