Friday, December 5

200 Pounds Beauty (Minyeo-neun georowo)

So....... I decided to borrow something to watch from my friend..... and one of these was Two Hundred Pounds Beauty....... It was really nice. Really nice. I cried a lot..... specially at the end.... hahaha.....

Genre: comedy, romance

앟중김 (Ahn Jung Kim)- Hanna
진모주 (Jin Mo Ju)- Sang Jun

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Plot summary:
Hanna who sings for Ammy(or Ammy lip syncs Hanna's voice when singing) falls in love with Sang Jun, manager of Ammy. But because Sang Jun doesn't notices her, decided to get a full body-plastic surgery. Due to the loss of Hanna, Sang Jun held auditions for a new one to lip sync for Ammy. Jenny finds out about the audition and tries out, and ends to be built up by Sang Jun as a new singing superstar. Sang Jun ends up discovering her true identity. Jenny reveals her true identity to the public in the last concert show on the movie.

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