Monday, December 1

Back from Baguio

Time Check: 11:59 am.

I'm already back from a two-day stay in Baguio.

First day:
We arrived at Baguio past nine am....... I stayed with mom at their meeting till 1 in the afternoon, then went to the place where we were to stay. We went out to make series of purchases at ukay-ukay stores in Baguio. HAHAHAHAHAHA We went home early to rest for the next day.

Second day:
We went out of the place where we stayed at ten..... We ate lunch at a Korean restaurant ( and that was Hodori-> ahjumma, ahjussi; jayoroun kwanggoreul jeoreul kamsahashipsio ;) ) at Session Road..... I ordered for Samgypsal which was thin pork that you fry in that built-in stove in the table and noodles (it's name started with something that rounded Ra------ i forgot already....) HAHAAHA we didn't know how to cook the Samgypsal that's why we just asked for the assistance of the waitress....... good thing she had a good relationship with customers.......... After lunch, we headed for SLU for my entrnace examinations that lasted until half past-three in the afternoon....... then went to SM Baguio after that.

Third day:
We went home.

And now, I don't know what to do for the exams tomorrow. Gosh.

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