Tuesday, November 4

Today is..... uhm....... is not good. Not good. Another person was complimented on a project that I did 99% all by myself (we'll that's because were supposed to work in partners.) Piss off. Aughrr! I hate my classmates because of the same reason. Whatever. I now hate my school.

But on the good side, though I'm really getting low marks on Physics, i hope my teacher would still give me a chances to make it the next grading. Kamsehamnida! Well, I guess I really should study well now and try to catch up whenever I have out-of-school extra-curricular activities. Aja!

Oh yeah, we're going to have a debate tomorrow, about the reproductive health bill....... my classmates are on the side of those they "like" not because they also believe on what their team believes in. Whatever. Sipsip. Hope we would do well. Aja!


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