Sunday, November 23

shake. shake. SHAKE!!!

I've been busy this week, specially this weekend preparing for the SSC's SHAKE booth for the foundation day. I've went around the city with Audrey last friday, to buy plastic cups, straws, and marshmallows for toppings and some cocktail drink umbrellas to attract customers ;) Thank God I had a schedule with my dentist yesterday, so I got the chance to stop by a shop to buy shake powder.....

It's my dad's birthday today...... so we had carbonara and....... Chocolate marjolaine! Sherica's also celebrating her birthday today and she treated us at Jollibee (Leizel, McJo, Plinky and me) It was fun.

The San Jose Chronicles[that's our school's official newspaper..... which I am a part of... ;) ] will be joining the Division School's Press Conference.... It's a contest for journalists....... I'll be competing also....... Hope we could really show what CSJA is. GOODLUCK to us. 아자!!!!

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