Monday, October 6

My dad always told me to be refined and reserved. Well, I find it awkward 'coz I think only the elites need to be refined and reserved and we're not on that part of the society so I don't act like that:P Dad grew up on a family slightly higher than the average. That's why I think that he's shaping me in that way. I remember my aunts telling me that daddy Rody(that's lolo) would get angry if they hear them speaking in Ilokano or Pangasinense(our local dialects) though I think they learned and continued to speak secretly (because I hear them using those dialects when they talk). They speak English in their family. Dad speaks Ilokano but he never taught me, that's why I grew up in the Ilocos Region without knowing to speak either of the two, though I got to learn some of few phrases and words that I usually hear at school like: anyameten, nagado ti amom(whatever), and agpudot(it's hot).