Friday, October 3

Augh. I'm kinda pissed off today. I've been busy because of our project in Economics. Actually it's a "by pair" project and I'm working with my bestfriend. It seems that I'm the only one worried about our project. I've been working on it since Saturday last week. Though she researched earlier than I did, she lost the files. Well she tried to search again but all she gave me is I think currently 5% of our work. And I was still okay with that. Until a while ago, I asked her if she could come with me to the city library to look for some topics that I can't find or with anemic information in the net before our classes started in the afternoon and she said yes. Then after we had a meeting in the library, I reminded her, and now she said she has to do things. Okay. Okay. I understand. She's the Editor-in-chief of school paper. But when I went back to our room, i found it locked. Nobody there. Our bags were both locked in there. I went the faculty room to get the keys. She didn't bothered to ask me if I still needed company going to the city lib. And didn't even thank me for the keys. Well, I already too pissed off to ask her again. So I went downstairs to start checking classrooms (it's a part of an SSC officer's duty) and I realized that I won't fnish early if I solely do the research. So I went to their coaster (it's how she calls the ride that fetches her.) I asked her again and she said that she's going to wait for me until I finish checking......... After I finished checking, I saw her, and she said that their ride is off to go already. So there, I went to the library alone. I think I jsut shoudn't have asked her again. Huh? that's all.


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