Friday, June 12

The Moffats

I heard a lot of their songs when I was young. I actually just new that they were the ones who sang those songs that I loved last year.... Hahahahaha!

And these are those songs:

If life is so short

I'll be there for you

Girl of my dreams

Miss you like crazy

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Monday, May 25

post + cute emoticons :)

Hmmm...... my posts look dull... so I think it's time to add some emoticons... Oh yeah! I hope I'd really be consistent on posting with emoticons... because the copy-pasting of codes makes me feel a bit lazy.... hee hee hee hee

bye bye and goodnight!

Type your smileys the Korean way (^_^)

Expressing emotion:

(^_^) = smile

(^o^) = laughing out loud

d(^_^)b = thumbs up (not ears)

(T_T) = sad (it's a crying face)

(-.-)Zzz = sleeping

(Z.Z) = sleepy person

\(^_^)/ = cheers, hurrah

(*^^*) = shyness

(-_-); = sweating (as in ashamed)

(^_^);; = sorry! my mistake

(?_?) = nonsense, i don't know

(^_~) = wink

(o.O) = surprise

v(^_^)v = victory

(>^_^)> = hugging

(>^_^)> <(^_^<) = hugging each other (^o^)


>))))'> = a fish

>))))'><'((((< = kissing fish (^o^)

<')++++< = a fish bone

Vm~ = a fox

() () = a rabbit

(^(oo)^) = a pig

(( )) = a bird

()()() ()()()
(-(-(-.-)-)-) = rabbit gang

= = = = :} = a snake

(=^_^=) = cat


@}-;--`-- = a rose

>(/////)< = a candy

=]::::::> = a sword

---E = a fork

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Thursday, May 21

Listen to Christian Bautista:

these are some of my Christian Bautista favorites :)

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though I passed the UPCAT, the I got a "degree with available slot" result......

I remember I tried to search the net about "degree with available slot"... I found answers... but not that well explained....

uhm...... I'm not saying that this post will explain this well... but I hope this does help....

This means that your grades are qualified for you to enter UP but then other takers has scored higher than you did, and you were not able to reach the quota.

You have to confirm your enrollment online (I'm sorry... i don't know where to find the link -but it's somewhere at because mom did this confirmation for me..... ) and you have to choose five courses..... You have to wait then until enrollment ends....... try to call the university registrar to find out what courses have available slots

but unfortunately, the course offered to me was Pharmacy..... which I don't think... suits me..... haaayyy

If only..... I was good at Chemistry.

I already got myself enrolled at the University of Santo Tomas to take BS Physical Therapy....... At first, I thought I made the wrong decision in taking Physical Therapy.... because I heard that most of hospitals only needs one physical therapist....... and that means it's going to be a tough competition by the time I try to get emlpoyed......... I got upset. Sana tinuloy ko nalang yung nursing sa UST.... kasi nakapasa naman ako...... at marami din gusto sana magnursing sa UST.... pasalamat nga ako nakapasa ako....... but wait. What were my reasons why I decided not to take nursing?

1. Too many people are taking nursing;
2. so by the time I graduate, there might no longer be jobs available for nurses...?
3. I don't like seeing blood and I don't like doing dissection(but a little is okay.....)

Then.... I knew that Physical Therapy students do more dissection
and will even dissect a cadaver on our third year. Hay........

??????! why am I discussing 'how confused KATrina is on what course to take'???

uhm because...... uhm because...... because I just wanted to share how I'm not really sure if I like this course I'm taking!!!!

I really wanted to take Pharmacy...... but I don't think I would not make because I'm not that good in Math and Chemistry......

and here comes more complication: University of the Philippines recently called up and told us that they'd be able to take me in as a BS Pharmacy student........ (I passed the UPCAT with a "Degree with available slots" remark.) My mother really wanted me to be able to get in UP. That's because we'd be saving a lot. Oh yes, A LOT. And duh! UP? who wouldn't want to get their college degree at UP? Knowing that it's one of the top schools in the Philippines.

I feel bad that I can't go UP.... since I won't fit for Pharmacy..... Augh. If only I was. Then I won't be worrying about anything now.... like being sure on what course to take.... mom being able to save........

If only..... I was good at Chemistry.

Wednesday, April 29


Mac, 4, came screaming out of the bathroom to tell me he'd dropped his toothbrush in the toilet. So his dad fished it out and threw it in the garbage.

Mac stood there thinking for a moment, then ran to his dad's bathroom and came out with his toothbrush.

He held it up and said with a charming little smile, "We better throw this one out too then, 'cause it fell in the toilet a few days ago."

~eeeewwww! hihihi


A Sunday school teacher asked the children just before she dismissed them to go to church, “And why is it necessary to be quiet in church?”

Annie replied, “Because people are sleeping.” ;)